Top 10 things to consider when buying a wedding dress

Shopping for your wedding dress is one of the most magical events of your life. As a little girl, we all dream of the day when we buy our wedding dress. I remember the day I chose my dress like it was yesterday. I feel in love from the moment I saw it and still have to this day.  what I did find though, is that if you are not planned and prepared, this time can be a very stressful and overwhelming occasion. Once you have your wedding date in the diary, the pressure in on to choose your dress. 

I understand this, so I have tried to help you out with with guide on some of the consideration you should think about when looking for your wedding dress.  So sat back, relax, have a read of this blog and I hope it can help you out before you start shopping.

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Good Luck and remember to enjoy it

Julie x  – (Owner of Bessie Hays Bridal Boutique)

1. Shop and Plan Ahead

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One thing to bear in mind when you are shopping for your wedding dress, is that the dress of your dreams will normally have a 12-16 week lead time. Once it arrives, please allow for alterations.  Therefore start you research as soon as you possibly can and start shopping. Book appointments early and it can make the appointment, please let the bridal boutique know. Another bride can use that spot. With this planning in mind, it will allow the whole experience to be much more enjoyable for you and your bridal party.

So remember, shop and plan ahead!

2. Have a budget in mind

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Setting out your budget from the off is extremely important. As we all know, wedding can be very expensive and costs are spiral out of control. I always say to my brides come ready with a budget in mind and then we can tailor your visit around that budget. It saves you and the bridal boutique a lot of time. It you do not have a budget, it is very easy to get carried away and spend too much money. 

Know your budget and stick to it.

3. Shop for your current weight & shape you are now

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Many brides are tempted to choose a dress smaller to their current size and go on a major diet and exercise regime. 

I would recommend that you buy a dress that you fit right now. It is a lot easier to take a dress in that let it out, if you do not achieve your desired size.

4. Consider your underwear

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Getting your underwear right for your wedding day is very important.  You want to feel comfortable and look amazing, it does make a big difference on how your dress feels on.

You shouldn’t have any visible panty lines or bra straps. So choose wisely.

A strapless bra is always if trying on a strapless dress. Bring this with you to your appointment. Also use skin tone coloured underwear is best along with the matching knickers. 

Check out this article by The Wedding Secret magazine. It should help you when you are choosing your bridal lingerie.

5. Bring your shoes with you

If you have found your wedding shoes then bring them along to your appointment, so you can see how the dress will fall over them. 

If you haven’t got your shoes, no problems. Make sure you consider a similar heel length to the ones you fancy and use this as an example.

6. Who is coming dress shopping with you?

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Less is more! What you don’t need is too many opinions if you take your whole bridal team with you. Your Mum and one or two other is more than enough.

7. Don't get caught up in the sale!

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At the moment, especially, they are sales everywhere.

Remember the mission – Choose the dress that is right for you!

Don’t go for the bargain dress that’s been reduced that you will later regret. Put the price aside and if you dream dress just happens to be in the sale, excellent!

The price of the dress should not be the main driver. Remember, we have set our budget already (if you have followed this guide) so we shouldn’t worry about money. Looking and feeling amazing for your wedding day is the number one criteria for your wedding dress.

8. Weekdays are best

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As you can imagine Bridal shops are at their busiest at weekends. If you can, it maybe worth considering a weekday appointment and taking the time off work and enjoying the experience.

9. Reduce your makeup and don't wear fake tan for appointments

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Wedding dresses can be easily marked. Please save yourself the embarrassment of being the one bride who leaves their makeup and tan behind on the dress you try on.

Please bear this in mind for your wedding day. Wedding dress can cost a lot of money and what you don’t want is makeup and tan all over the dress mid ceremony.  If you are going to wear a tan for your wedding, invest in a  good tan or visit a reputable tanning business. Do it few days in advance at least to allow the tan to be established before putting on your dress.

10. Fashion Trends are not as important as you may think

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Choose a dress that’s perfect for you and timeless. A dress that suits you is much more flattering than just what’s in fashion.  your dress will carry memories forever as will your wedding photos. Fashion trends come and go.

Final Words.....

So there you have. A list of ten things to consider when you buying your wedding dress.

I hope you have found this guide help and I wish you all the best of luck in finding the dress of your dreams.  It is such a special time and one you will remember for the rest of your life. I know I have.

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Thanks, Julie x